Single pass trilinear CCD array with 24, pixel elements Input: I believe that having a PC and using the PC version of the software may have been part of the problem. RAW files store light information arriving directly from the subject. And then, of course, there is the quality of the scans, and the subsequent large-scale prints I now feel more confident in making. The freedom not to have to choose between digital or film, for instance. Create new account Request new password.

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The control window scannner are full floating and can be arranged conveniently and either left remaining on-screen at all times or some may be closed and others opened as needed.

The Imacon Flextight Photo scanner comes with a stand-alone application driver providing automated and detailed image quality and color adjustment capabilities supporting scnaner Apple Macintosh and PC Windows computer platforms. In this way the full range of the original is extracted from the scan.

The adaptive light source used in the Imacon adjusts the illumination level transmitted through the film to compensate for atypical image densities possibly caused by underexposure of a transparency or low-key subject, avoiding the potential for noise in the shadows of a scan. The Imacon Flextight has been described by some as a drum or ‘virtual drum’ scanner, in that the film is bent over a curved surface to result in scans with perfect edge to edge focus.

Nearly everyone scamner is better served by inkjet printing on archival materials using the excellent, high fidelity tools available today. Colorflex also contains a full set of accessible manual image adjustment tools, including a new feature which enhances shadow detail more effectively than either adjusting gamma or shaping the characteristic curve. The X1 is roughly equivalent to the oldbut lacks the ability to take the multi-holder for batch scanning of several negative holders.


Not Specified by Manufacturer. You can also perform batch scans with the X1. The Unique 3F Workflow When selecting the 3F file format in automatic scan imaacon, images are scanned at a specified resolution of 16 bits imacoon color. The first and most basic element that is unique to the Imacon Photo is the film holder and transport that provides a basis for the name Flextight.

About the Imacon 949 Flextight Film Scanner

Photoshopas well as a CMYK output profile selection. This Scanner is the one. The Flexcolor software that operates the scanner and allows work scanneer 3F files was a major disappointment. This means that a 6×6 negative at ppi takes around a minute, and a maximum resolution scan takes about two and a half minutes.

About the Imacon Flextight Film Scanner – Image Science

Black and white silver-based film images are also well within the Imacon scan capabilities, and even some which were dense due to some overexposure scanned without any highlight blocking.

If you’re doing small prints from scans made with a flatbed, you may find the results ‘sharp enough’, but compared to scans done on the Imacon Flextight they are quite noticably soft. The CCD sensor at the opposite side top of the light source is a trilinear array with 24, pixel elements. Side View Show More Less. I believe that having a PC and using the PC version of the software may have been part of the problem.

If you are deeply committed to film, either because you continue imaco shoot it or because you have a large archive, then you need this scanner.


Imacon: Scanners | eBay

Caribou – Denali, Alaska. And then, of course, there is the quality of the scans, and the subsequent large-scale prints I now feel more confident in making.

Scanne 3 out of 5 by Steven from Superb hardware. Our X5 scanner even has active sensor cooling, which means that an electronic cooling device is placed directly on the CCD, which increases signal to noise ratio by 1 to 2 bits. Dust spotting afterwards is about as much fun as going to the dentist.

Christmas Is Arriving Fast squint to see the bike in the window. The flexible holder then keeps the film in a gently curved position across the width of the scanner assuring that the surface of the film is flat and even as it passes under the scanner lens and CCD array above.

I am also able to make 3f Hasselblad raw scans too but I haven’t found a plugin for PS that actually processes these scans in raw.

Scans from this machine are the best I have ever seen from a Scanner. Easier than the Nikon Coolscan If you are taking the time to shoot medium or large format, then to get truly fine prints, the whole chain must be right. While technically some drum scanners offer better specs on paper, the reality is that very few people seem to be able to achieve optimum results with these machines in actual practice, and because your images must be oil mounted, there are many disadvantages to the process.

Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera Review.