Best of all, the directional arrow keys are arranged in the preferred inverted-T arrangement, and they’re even full-size instead of the up and down arrow keys squeezed into a single row like you’ll find on the MacBook Pro or many HP laptops. Noisy, hard-to-press mouse buttons. I used both WMV and H. It’s also an okay choice if you just want a thin-and-light machine with a good keyboard, don’t care about touch screens or 4K, and can live with a tiny touchpad. Tests have proven that the EDS keyboard reduces stress to fingers and wrists.

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So is including a full-size SD card slot. Log in or Sign up.

MSI U (US) First Looks – Review – PCMag UK

Features The screen’s aspect ratio is the reason why the U doesn’t measure as deep. More appealing are the designs found in the inch space, with the Toshiba mini NB experimenting with textures, the HP mini incorporating aluminum metals, and the Dell Mini 10v toying with different colors. Playing p video content, though, was disappointing more on that below.

Verify it’s off by opening up the Windows camera app, which should display an error message explaining that it can’t find a camera.

MSI PS42 (8RB) Review & Rating |

Yes, my password is: This disabling feature is not quite as comforting as a physical door to people who are worried about webcam snoopers, but it’s better than just hoping that the camera is off. With msii rates hovering around 60 frames per second fps on the Heaven and Valley tests at medium quality settings, you might be able to enjoy graphics-intensive games at lower quality settings, which is all but impossible with the subfps numbers that the HP, Lenovo, and Razer put up.


Full size keyboard 2u10.

The backlit keys are large and well-spaced, ms they have the short travel distance that you’d expect from such a thin laptop. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

The chiclet keyboard is another of the PS42’s bright spots. Despite its portability, the These aren’t areas where you’d normally place your fingers, and thankfully the keyboard deck is much sturdier, but it’s clear that some flimsier material was used to achieve weight savings.

The first is the excellent inch full HD 1,by-1,pixel display, using In-Plane Switching IPS technology to prevent washouts at off-center viewing angles and a matte finish to guard against distracting reflections from ambient light. The Best Password I210 of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing While lightweight, the display is actually wider than other notebooks, giving this mini a better set of features at an agreeable price. Noisy, hard-to-press mouse buttons.

The touchpad below the keyboard is woefully small. The keys aren’t as punchy as those found in the S12, and pressing either of the two mouse jsi causes the system to vibrate slightly, however not enough to be distracting. The display on our review unit is the only option.

An ultraportable from gaming-PC maker MSI, the PS42 offers mid-level graphics performance in a very slim package, but it suffers from a stodgy design and a tiny touchpad. Its battery life may not inspire frequent travelers, but the U is equipped with many parts that typical netbooks don’t give you.


Video: 12-inch MSI Wind U210 gets a thorough going over

Battery efficiency and p video playback may not work in its favor, but the U has a lot going for it: The Spectre 13 clocked in at more than 12 hours, and the MacBook Pro, renowned for its longevity away from an outlet, lasted for more than 16 hours. From ho-hum styling to lackluster audio output to a minuscule touchpad, the PS42 fails to make a compelling argument for why you should choose it over more-established competitors.

With the boost in power, however, four czmera of battery life is all you get.

Jefferies Dec 21, Pros Excellent screen quality. It’s so lightweight and compact that if you put it in your satchel, you’d probably forget it was even in there. StormJumper Dec 28, at 9: Bottom Line An ultraportable from gaming-PC maker MSI, the PS42 offers mid-level graphics performance in a very slim package, but it suffers from a stodgy design and a tiny touchpad. This is very important in my decision between these two laptops.

Weighing in a mere 1.